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Eldarion, Zeph, Corporal Joreen and Dardt facing the Darkguard before
the portal to Tynntangial (For those following the [Dark] thread).

How the [Dark] all began (Overview)
Zephillia (Zeph) Elessidel
Eldarion Elessidel II
Garrison the Druid
The Warden ('bush')
Joreen Sandor
Elana Elessidel


How it all began...

The Dark is an epic struggle betwixt the forces of good and the forces of evil. The evil comes in the form of the Dark One, an evil from ancient times, immortal, and with god-like powers (he has, in fact, been worshiped as a god by many). The Dark One was last cast down nearly a millenia ago, by the combined efforts of the great powers on Ifreann at that time. Now, during a time in which his past horrors are all but forgotten, he has resurfaced, and sends forth his minions from Shadowkeep (his fortress at the polar north of Ifreann), to pave the way for his return.

As in most epics, the forces of good, whether gods or fates, set into motion events which would bring together strangers to stand in the way of the Dark One. First, a young, half-elven girl steals what seems an important scroll from the desk of her evil master. In flight from her master, she comes upon one who has been seeking her, an elven soldier from a far off land. At the same time, a blind old man, perhaps sent by a god, meets with them at a strange inn. It is at this inn that the group has first sighting of some of the Dark One's servants, the Darkguard. During a struggle in front of the inn, a green-hued halfling, who counts all things in nature as a friend, comes to the aid of the fallen elven soldier. Thus begins the course of events which will come to be known as The Dark...



Zeph Pic

Zephillia (Zeph) Elessidel

Zeph ia an orphaned half-elven girl with remarkable red hair that resembles fire in the sunlight. She stands at a height of 4'10 with long slender legs that lend her speed and agility. Her life has been hard and adventurous. She can be described as a grifter who knows how to live by her wits. Emerald green eyes and a brilliant smile make it possible for her to charm the sourest old man or coldest witch. She has a good heart regardless of her difficult past, but she will not hesitate from relieving the unexpected of their purse.

A child born of love and compassion, but lost within a world about to explode into chaos, her parents had escaped not persecution or hatred, they had left their families and home carrying their unborn child to escape shame. Zeph was born a child of two distinct races. Her father, a brave descendent of a powerful and diverse family of elves from the lands of Tynntangial. Her mother, a beautiful maiden from a human band of travelling Gypsies who happened upon the doorsteps of the great city of Daventry.

Her parents acted on passions that created both love and hate. The elven aristocrats (not necessarily Seleseri's immediate family) looked upon the union with suspicion and damned the pair. The Gypsies felt the union to be unholy and foul. Their love strong, the two cose to elope.

Years had come and gone with the wind. Zeph's family settled and grew together happily. As Zeph aged slowly through her childhood, she could not help but notice the rapid aging of her mother. Her once young and vital mother began to slow and complain of aches and pains while her father's physical state like her own remained almost constant in comparison. The time would come when she would be told of her origin, but that time never came as it had been planned by her loving parents. As cruel as life and death can sometimes be, her aging mother was taken from her one morning, when she was but a babe. Her strong and courageous father, she thought, had also perished on that awful morn.

Afraid, lost and lonely, our young heroin, found solace in foster parents who lived the life of the nomad. In return for food, clothing, shelter and even sometimes kindness, Zeph learnt and practice the trades appropriate to her newly found fosters. She worked and performed eloquently. Her natural talents and agility proved to be beneficial in her new life.

The price her new life expended was her innocence. At such a young age, a child should be busy at play, not merely dreaming of it. Work is for the adult, the provider. Zeph grew up in a world that spat you out as quick as it chewed you up. She was a quick learner. She excelled at the game...


Eldarion Pic

Captain Eldarion Elessidel

Eldarion is a Captain of Legentors from far off Tynntangial. He is the son of Eldivyne, the Lordholder (Duke) of House Elessidel. He has a twin sister named Elana, and he is cousin to Zeph. Their uncle, Eventyne Elessidel, is the Highlord (King) of Tynntangial.

Eldarion is six feet tall, with silver hair and piercing amber eyes. He is usually dressed in the uniform of the Legentors, a mix of elven plate, chain and leather armour made specifically for the elven cavalry. He rides a horse like he was born to it, and is very proficient with lance and sword.

Eldarion possesses one of the thirteen cursed swords made from the black fangs of the dragon-demon Xeen. This sword is a soul drinker, and Eldarion feels it is his duty (curse?) to bear the sword so that its powers will not be used for evil. Being elvish, Eldarion is somewhat resistant to the mind controlling powers of his sword, though he has lost that battle on occasion. The sword possesses the souls of all who have been slayn by it.

Another aspect of the curse is that the thirteen bearers of the swords of Xeen must seek each other out, and duel to the death. The winner's sword claims the soul of the loser, and the sword of the loser is destroyed after it too, has it's soul? claimed by the winning sword. Eldarion has had to fight such a duel twice (though his sword lays claim to the souls? of five of its brothers). There are possibly seven other swords of Xeen still out in the world.

Besides drinking the souls of victims in battle (a *_very_* potent psychological weapon), the swords protect their bearer's from certain destructive magics and wards. They also have the power to quicken the healing process of those who carry them.

Eldarion has the devoted friendship of a pocket dragon named Dardt. Dardt is the size of a large house cat. Though he can't breathe fire, he does possess very sharp claws and teeth to defend himself. He is often asked to scout for Eldarion, a job he has become most proficient at.


garrison pic

Garrison the Druid

Garrison a very old man dressed in plain peasants clothes. His gray beard and long hair are very ragged in apperance. The most notable feature about him is that he is blind.

Garrison has been accused of being many diffrent thing through out his life. A Druid, a Warlock, a King, a Demon. What he really is, is a incarnation of Nature. He came into existance at the dawn of time. He gets summond from his sleep in a place called 'the void' when the land is in danger. Garrison is eternal, not immortal. When he dies he is sent back to the void where he rests to regan his strength until he is needed again. However, also born at the same time as Garrison was the Being known to some as the Dark One. He also hold the same eternal status that Garrison has.Garrison and the Dark One have battled time and time again in an endless cycle. A circle the the Dark One wishes to destroy.

Garrison's other senses have become extremly heightend since Garrison became blind. He lost his vision from a attack inside the void by a pet Shadow Demon of the Dark One's called Jericho. Garrison also has many powers of a Druid.

Garrison has lived many diffrent lives and has been known by many diffrent names through out history. Even he has lost track of them all. Often he works behind the scene and supports this group or that Hero letting them get all the fame. Occasionally, things get so bad that he has to take direct action. Such a time is now, as he battles in the [Dark].


Bush pic

The Warden ('bush')

The traditional role of druids has been to guard their sacred lands, and perform druidic rites, etc. Occasionally, they go adventuring. But who looks out for the intrests of Nature where there are no druids guarding their lands? Who follows those who wrong nature across several lands. This is where the Wardens of the Plants come in. Not necessarily druids, the Wardens are Nature-worshipping beings who have been appointed by Sharionas (Nature deity) to the post. 'bush' is one of these. 'bush' towers over the average halfling, though they are by no means tall. They have a pale green skin color most times, with darker green hair that waves like grass. Their limbs are knotted, certainly humanoid, but with a tough skin that feels almost like the bark of a tree. More than one person, Sharionas combined the mind of a male halfling skilled in personnal psionics and druidic lore with those of a dyrad and her rowan tree, into the body of the halfling. The body has changed to reflect those inside. By doing this, Sharionas saved the lives of all of them, in a way, and combined with the granted powers of a Warden of the Plants, formed a creature more suited to the job than most.


Joreen pic

Lanceleader Joreen Sandor

Joreen is a member of House Sandor, and serves her house as a Lanceleader in the Legentors of Tynntangial, placing her at the lowest rank of the officer corp of the elven cavalry. She was elevated to this rank for her service while as a Corporal assisting Captain Eldarion Elessidel in bringing Zephillia Elessidel home.

Joreen is 5'8", with blue black hair and grey eyes. She is quite beautiful (for a soldier), but has never let her looks get in the way of being a Legentor. She is not a member of the inner household of house Sandor (being a fourth cousin, thrice removed, from the current Lordholder Sandor), so has never participated in life at court.

She is quite proficient on horseback. She is an expert with a lance, a sword, or even a longbow. She has a minimal amount of magical abilities, having been given some training in magic as a Legentor.

Though she has never thought of love before, she has recently become enamoured of Eldarion. She has not shown this outwardly (being a breach of Legentor etiquette to do so), but feels that perhaps he too may have similar feelings for her.


Elana pic

Elana Elessidel

Elana is cousin to Zeph and sister to Eldarion. She is the daughter of the Lordholder (Duke) Elessidel. Elana has spent most of her adult life in service to the court of Tynntangial in the capitol city of Daventry.

Elana is a graduate of Mount Kalador, and has gone on into graduate work. She is an extremely accomplished mage, having studied many of the forbidden tomes kept in the vaults of the library at Mount Kalador. She has surpassed many of her former instructors in both skill and power, and has been invited numerous times to teach at the college.

Elana is 5'10", has dark brown hair with blonde streaks framing her face. Her eyes are amber in colour, and she is lithe of frame. She is gracious and quite friendly in nature until she is crossed (or someone crosses a member of her family), at which point she is still gracious (ever the politician), but aloof to the offending party. Elana is quite beautiful, and has had many suitors attempt to win her hand. Elana is quite suspicious of such suitors, not sure whether they wish her hand for love, or for political gain and access to the Highlord and Lordholder Elessidel (House Daven is notorious for their arranged 'political' marriages). She has sworn not to marry for political reasons (such as an alliance with another house).

She stays current with the fashions of Tynntangial (being a member of the royal court). She is a firm proponent of the ideals of House Elessidel, and will voice the opinions of her house quite vociferously in council.

When they were younger, Elana had a falling out with her twin brother when he decided to leave home to join the Legentors. They have since patched things up, both seeing the need for the two of them to do what they do best for the good of House Elessidel and Tynntangial.


Portrait Not Avail


Flanner goes only by the name Flanner. His full name is, of course, fuller than that -- much fuller than that. However, it is acutely embarassing to him to have to admit that he cannot remember all of it and therefore, he compensates by insisting on just being called Flanner. (When one's full name runs on for nearly ten minutes of recitation, this becomes a little more understandable, and after stumbling too many times in the development section of his performance, Flanner simply stopped trying.)

Flanner is terribly dwarven. Since he looks terribly dwarven, people tend to expect him to act terribly dwarven -- and Flanner usually obliges them. He can grumble with the best of them, and always find something to complain about.

Unusually for someone with such a dour disposition, Flanner is outrageously lucky. He can go through hours of melee combat without suffering a scratch. This is because he was born lucky but spent nearly all his life carrying around a marble which, while powerful in ways that aren't yet understood, also brings misfortune on its owner. Flanner finally gave away the marble very recently and his karma is now trying to make up for lost time. Flanner's karma seems to take a lot of his luckiness out of whatever weapon he's wielding (finding ways to break even the unbreakable stuff...)


Portrait Not Avail

Walks-on-two-legs (Walks)

Walks-on-Two-Legs is a giant weasel. The really strange thing about him is the fact that he has human intelligence. He got his name from his woodland brethren because he has the ability to do just that, walk on two legs.

Walk-on-Two-Legs has felt alone in the world due to his uniqueness. His intellegence makes the animals of the forest wary at times and his appearance makes man-kind look down on him.

He has obtained several items that allows him to fit into human society. He owns a pendant that translates his thoughts into words that humans can understand. Also he owns a cloak that when worn while standing up, makes him appear almost human. He also carries a walking stick that he uses if he has to walk upright for any long period of time.

He still claims the forest as his home and often finds human ways very confusing. He tries to avoid human involvement when possible and occasionally acts as guardian of certain forests from evil forces.

Walks-on-Two-Legs has come out of his forest ways to join a group of humanoids because of a request by a powerful woodland spirit. He deosn't know his true role in what is going on, but trusts he is doing the right thing.


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