Red, the Dragon's Inn - Beginnings 


The Red Dragons Inn began many years ago as a small, nondescript place on a back street of a dirty little town known as Montfort. The owner, an ex-adventurer named Hugh Rogers, and his wife Judy, have built the business into the notable success that it is today. Montfort has grown to a true city, with a substantial, prosperous population...and the Red Dragon's Inn has enjoyed similar expansion.

The Inn is famous in the area, and it has a large common room where meals and a great variety of beverages are served; some private dining rooms; and a number of sleeping rooms available for rent. Prices are reasonable, and a wayfarer can obtain some stew and a cup of ale for a few coppers. Sera is the barmaid who takes customers' orders and brings the various refreshments; friendly and goodhearted, she remembers the good tippers...and the other kind, too! In addition to the other amenities, horse stables are maintained for overnight guests' mounts.

Several regulars are known to come around...Red the Dragon (a real dragon!) comes around often, as does his brother Dralen. Adventurers such as Galen and Jawvig, elves, dwarves, wizards, merchants, incognito nobility, and a retired spy make up the unique mix. There is always a healthy supply of news, rumor, employment opportunities...and just about anything else one can imagine.

The dragons particularly enjoy munching on spicy dragon pods - a pepper so hot that few humans can endure it.  The 'pods can be served raw, or chopped (and diluted) into a fresh salsa with tomatoes, onions, and other spices.  For the connoisseur (and the dragons!) there are whole pods, flame broiled on a grill and served with good roast beef on a sizzling iron platter.

The Inn also has some powerful and arcane magical spells which prevent violence in the Inn. Fighting inside the Inn is inhibited by the spells, and any number of unpleasant things can happen to those who ignore this. Additionally, the city watch likes the occasional free meal obtained at the Inn, and is not above  leaving troublemakers in a cell with a hungry troll...for several days...


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