The Kingdom of Ingraham


The Kingdom of Ingraham is an experimental new area. Its exact position in relation to Montfort is presently undefined.

The Kingdom is NOT public domain, and is the creation of Jack Smith, Smith.

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King Charles III A good, wise King
Deceased Lord of Banack James Victim of a foul murder
New Lord of Banack William A rebel and an outlaw
Agent Smith Wasn't there. You didn't see him.
Innkeeper, Red Shield Inn John An Honest Innkeeper
Abbot of St. Thomas Bertin A loyal servant of the Light

The story to date...
[Smith & Background] He had found the visit with Brion and the other people at the ranch to be interesting. And, it had been no trouble to arrange for some humanitarian aid to be distributed through special channels - it would look good if he and the Company ever needed some goodwill in future times.

For now, he needed to start working on a new front for Company activities. Montfort would take a while to get back on its feet, and had nearly been used up in the process; but it had been useful. And Agent Cari would be here to deal with operations here for the long haul, so Smith would have the opportunity to follow up on some promising leads elsewhere. That elsewhere was to be the Barony of Banack, in the Kingdom of Ingraham. As it turned out, James, Lord of Banack was an avaricious old glutton; and his son, William, was cruel, ambitious...and had a notable attachment to gambling. This had led to some heavy debts; so heavy that it was becoming questionable whether he would be able to pay them even when he inherited the title. The trouble with that was the reaction of the King; for unlike this particular noble family, King Charles III was a decent and honest man. And a noble who had no money could be deemed to have lost his dignity; which meant that both lands and titles were forfeit to the Crown. The issue was not lost on Lord James or his heir apparent; for if the Baron failed to pay his son's debts, he could lose everything. And rumor had it that the King, grown tired of the excesses of this noble, was even now preparing the needed letters...

But Lord James had a solution in mind. All he had to do was to claim that his departed wife had permitted another man to father her son. Which meant that William was not an heir; and hence, the title was safe. And, he smiled to himself, that meant that he could wed a certain comely young wench he had his eye on. A short visit to a lawyer in the capitol at Korbell was all it would take to get the papers drawn up; in a few days, he would be rid of William.

But William, having had a few drinks too many, came into his father's study to wheedle more money. Soon, angry words were exchanged; and Lord James, being none too subtle in the best of times, told William what was in store for him. After William had stormed out into the night, Lord James cursed himself for revealing his strategy; but comforted himself that there was nothing William could do now. Why, the boy didn't have enough money for a room for the night, much less a lawyer to fight what was coming. Lord James chuckled as he thought about his pretty future bride!

William had ridden hard to get to Sonadora; there, the Red Shield Inn served good meals, good drink, and had pleasant rooms. William's tab was heavy here, and John the Innkeeper had bills to pay; so when William demanded vintage champagne, John quietly insisted on a payment on account; William's face flushed red with rage.

In the corner, a stranger sat quietly. Dressed in a tan trenchcoat, he wore a hat, sunglasses, and a suit and tie. Clearly, he didn't fit in; but his money was aceptable, and he was quiet. The stranger was Smith. He had been briefed on the problems in this far corner of the world and had come to determine if they could be exploited; the young man's clothing and bearing made clear that this was none other than William. A slight smile crossed Smith's face, and he motioned to a barmaid to bring William over; he was, of course, delighted to purchase plentiful drink for the young man as he listened attentively to all his troubles. The smile on Smith's face had grown distinctly larger by the time William had passed out on the table, and he arranged for a room for the young man.

That evening, Smith scouted out the castle; these people had not endured the travails that Montfort had endured, and the guards were not expecting trouble. It took only a short time to locate the Baron's quarters, and to find him asleep. Smith noted that the son had clearly inherited his drinking problem from his father - fortunately. A razor sharp dagger of uncertain origin and generic design plunged into Lord James' kidney, then came up to slash the throat at the carotid artery. A final slash along the inner thigh finished the job, and Lord James lay dead in his blood soaked bed; Smith grinned, then departed to William's room. He made sure to get some of the Baron's blood on William, and placed the dagger next to him. And then Smith ported to his own carefully warded room to enjoy a well earned rest.

Lord James had always gotten up at daybreak for his first breakfast; and when he didn't come down, a servant was dispatched to check on him. Screams of murder were soon heard, and it took little time for news to spread to Sonadora.

William didn't normally get up until noon, but today was filled with surprises. First, the sound of pounding on his door - which did nothing to help the splitting headache which was one part of a world class hangover - and then the rough handling as he was arrested for the murder of his father! He denied it angrily, as the bloody dagger clattered to the ground at his feet. For an instant, the crowd was silent; then they seized him and took him to the King's Magistrate. The judge ordered William - now, ironically, William, Lord of Banack - to be taken to the capitol for trial by a jury of Peers. And, in all likelihood, a degrading public hanging.

Smith got up, stretched, and went down for a good breakfast. The morning's excitement meant the plan was coming together! He went to visit William in the local jail; and found him most receptive to getting any help that he could. It would be several days until William was transported, and he remained jailed until the night before he was to be taken to the capitol. With each passing day he had become more frantic, for he was not a brave man; and Smith offered the sole hope of survival.

Late in the night, the constable was killed; a paper, denouncing the King and calling for armed rebellion was left, and William was rescued by a Company team from Task Force 160. Smith was relaxing beside a campfire when William arrived; the young Lord thanked Smith profusely. Smith nodded, then handed him a copy of the paper; Lord William turned pale as a ghost, and when he looked up into the hard glint from Smith's ever present sunglasses, he stammered "Wha...What...Why? The King will declare me an outlaw! I didn't mean to kill father! We argued, but I would never...But now, the King will think I murdered..."

Smith nodded and replied "True. Look, you shouldn't drink so much. It wasn't your fault, it was the alcohol. But you told me yourself that the King was out to take everything away from you, and with you having killed your dad you can bet he will do it. Then he'll have you killed off." Smith paused a moment to let the truth sink in, then continued "However, this kingdom could do better with an intelligent, capable, young ruler. Someone who is willing to build this Kingdom. And you know - and I know - that the old King is a lying old hypocrite who claims to care about his people while stealing them blind. If you don't believe it, look how he was planning to steal from you!"

William wanted to believe Smith's lies; and since he wanted to believe, he accepted them as truth. And the two worked up a plan where it would be arranged for William's rebellion to succeed; although just who it was that was making it possible was unclear for the present. And with that, civil war began in the formerly peaceful Kingdom of Ingraham. And Smith had returned to Jord, to deal with the Politi....

And that's where we are right now.

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