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A view of Tynntangial from the Corealis Highlands. The single high mountain in the distance
is Mount Kalador, home of the Mages' College. Beyond Mount Kalador you can just make
out Daventry, the elven capitol and home to the court of the Highlord of Tynntangial.


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Tynntangial (Elven Kingdom of)

An elven nation on the continent known as the Grand Marche, located on the opposite side of Ifreann from Montfort. Tynntangial has been the only real contact from this region of Ifreann and was made possible only due to the elven creation and use of magical portals or 'gates' which the elves have strategically placed throughout Ifreann. One of these portals exists just two days ride south of Montfort (It must be said that these portals are well hidden and protected by wards. You wouldn't know one was in front of you unless you were no more than an arms length from it, at which point you would see a large, blue swirling portal).

Tynntangial, as a nation, was created several millenia ago, by the act of the Treaty of Daventry. All the various offshoots of elven-kind live together in peace in Tynntangial: High elves, grey elves, wood elves, and even some dark elves (those willing to swear allegiance to Tynntangial and live in peace with their fellow elves).



The capitol of Tynntangial is Daventry, which is located at the convergeance of two rivers (Silverloam & Goldenflow) where they meet with the harbor of Daventry. Beyond this harbor is the Sea of Tears, where dwell the elves of the sea. Daventry is the location of the palace of the Highlord of Tynntangial, who to all intents and purpose, rules Tynntangial as a king. Daventry is also the location of Mount Kalador, the mages college, one of the greatest learning institutions for the arts arcane on Ifreann. Daventry is well known for its marketplace, which is one of the largest in the Grand Marche.

Other Cities

The other cities of Tynntangial are usually named after the name of the Great Houses who holds sway in that region: Davendell, Elessidell, and Galador are but a few. Skylondor, the largest city in the north, is home to House Sandor and has an ocean-trade based economy. Davendell is north-east of Daventry, and is home to House Daven. The home city of the Elessidel's is south of the harbor of Daventry, and their lands continue southward until the Mountains of the Mare.

The Fortress City of Kil-Glenfol (from the [Throne] and [DB] threads)


System of Government

Tynntangial has a very unique system of government, best descibed as a sort of feudal democracy. This system of government is difficult for outsiders to understand, but comes very naturally to the elves. The Highlord of Tynntangial is the supreme ruler of the land. Up until recently, the Highlord's throne has been held by House Daven. Nearly a millenia ago House Elessidel replaced House Daven as supreme rulers of Tynntangial. The current Highlord of Tynntangial is Eventyne Elessidel.

There are two bodies of government in Tynntangial. The Conclave of the Great Houses is comprised by the leader, or Lordholder of each of the great houses of Tynntangial. The House of the Nation is made of of the leaders of the lessor houses of Tynntangial, and also includes electorates from throughout the land. The elected leader of the House of the Nation holds a seat in the Conclave of the Great Houses.


Military (Royal Army and House Troops)

The military arm of Tynntangial is made up of the Legentors (Cavalry), Sanjentors (Infantry/Archers) and Marjentors (Navy). There is also another branch of the military dealing directly with the security of the Highlord and his court: The Black Watch. Each of the Great Houses also have their own house armies, which act as a national militia should the royal army be off to war. All branches of the military report to the High Marshall of the Royal Army, Jon Lin Sandor. The Black Watch is the only exception, who report only to the Highlord, and count the Highlord as a member and commander of the Watch.

(Historical Note: The royal army is a relatively young concept, being a development from the time House Elessidel came into power. Before that, the only form of defense for Tynntangial was the house armies, which were oft-times used as much for house feuds and vendettas as they were to defend Tynntangial)

More on the Royal Army! (Organization and Rank Structures)


Mount Kalador (The Mages' College)

Mount Kalador was founded long before the time Tynntangial became a nation. Simply put, it is a school for mages, wizards, sorcerors, etc. Most students of the arcane arts end up coming to the college at some point in their lives. Some mages trained at the school started there at the age of five and continue their studies at old age. Mount Kalador is also the location of the largest and best stocked library in the known lands. One of the reasons for the portals to other lands was so the college could send out 'collectors' to bring back books from every land. This collection has gone on for many millenia, thus the large size of the library. There are reports of secret depositories of the library deep withen the foundations of Mount Kalador, holding ancient and most powerful magic tomes from all the lands.


Some history of Tynntangial (the last millenia)

Since the days of the Treaty of Daventry, when Tynntangial was formed, the Highlord's throne has been held by House Daven. It was at the time Undentielvo Daven was Highlord, that his daughter and only child, named Anafales, fell in love with the Lordholder Elessidel, Eldarion. The Highlord tried many a time to disuade his daughter from this match, for he did not trust House Elessidel, whose power within Tynntangial had grown quite considerably since the formation of the elven nation. House Elessidel's holdings and status with the Great Houses nearly matched that of House Daven. So it was that, when Eldarion Elessidel came to the Highlord to ask the hand of Anafales, Undentielvo agreed, but only with the stipulation that Eldarion sign a royal writ that he would never sit upon the throne of the Highlord. Some years later, Undentielvo died, and Anafales was named Highlady of Tynntangial. During her first year as Highlady, she slowly began to pass more and more of the duties of the Highlord/lady on to her husband, as she did not want to deal with the issues of state. Rather, she wished to spend more time within the royal garden and the palace.

Soon, Eldarion was making policy for Tynntangial, though true to his promise, he never sat upon the Highlord's throne, and ensured that his wife sat there for the opening of each and every Conclave. House Daven was outraged at this seeming betrayal by Anafales, and began attempts to try and remove her as Highlady, and by default, Eldarion

But Eldarion had found out much during the short time since he had begun running the government. To put it lightly, he had discovered that House Daven had been using royal funds for unethical uses, such as transfers to the coffers of House Daven. There was also a long history of mismanagement of royal resources. During a closed Conclave, Eldarion brought this evidence before the entire LordsHold, and House Daven was subsequently stripped of much power, and royal resources were returned to the kingdom in the form of land grants by House Daven. Thus, was Eldarion nicknamed 'The Black Prince of Daventry' by House Daven.

(Historical note: Eldarion embraced this nickname, much to the chagrin of House Daven. He began to dress only in black and silver, and named the newly formed guardians of the Highlady and her court 'The Black Watch').

The last chance for House Daven to reclaim the throne was in the son and heir of Anafales, Eldamar. House Daven pleaded with Anafales to insure that Eldamar remained a Daven when he took the throne. But Eldamar had grown up with Elessidel cousins as playmates, and when the time of his naming came, he took Elessidel as his family name, with the full approval of the Highlady. When he was crowned Highlord, Eldamar became the first non-Daven Highlord in the history of Tynntangial. An Elessidel now held the throne. Eldamar continued the governmental reforms begun by his father, as did his son, Eventyne, when he came into power.

Eventyne Elessidel is the second of the Elessidel Highlords, and carries on the legacy handed down by his grandfather, Eldarion, the Black Prince of Daventry.


Relations with other nations

Tynntangial is bordered on the south by the Mountains of the Mare. Within these mountains lies the Kingdom of the Dwarves of the Mare, who have practised isolationism since the days of the Black Prince. South of the Mountains of the Mare lies the human empire known as Karrantine. The elves of Tynntangial have repelled Karrantine twice in the wars since Karrantine expansion brought the two nations into contact. To the east lies the Sea of Tears and the kingdom of the sea-elves, Celenia. To the north lies the icy wasteland of Korrh, where only the human Korrhan barbarians live. To the west, beyond the Plain of Dust, lay the many other free nations of the Grand Marche, protected from Karrantine expansionism by the continuing Mountains of the Mare.

Tynntangial practices free trade and currently has open diplomatic relations with every other nation of the Grand Marche.


Map of Tynntangial


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