Newsgroups: alt.dragons-inn
Subject: FAQ, Cemetery
Distribution: world
Organization: The Dragons-Inn Bureaucracy
Below are listed (in alphabetical order) the folk who have
met their demise and been laid to rest in the Montfort
Marik Wulfsdottir:  Born ?  Died 986
Marik Wulfsdottir was a great warrior in the lands just north of
Montfort.  He had a long career as an adventurer slaying giants and going
on other such exploits.  He retired in Montfort and had a daughter late
in life.  His wife died giving birth and he raised Rozalia by himself.
He was well respected by the town militia for his reputation and well
liked by the locals for the stories he spun at the Dragons Inn years ago.
He died 9 years ago.
Vincent Trueblade:
"Here lies Vincent Trueblade, born 933, died 985,
 leaving his two sons Lance and Xavier Trueblade"
        Vincent Trueblade was born in Montfort, and raised by his true
parents until he was fifteen, when he left as a travelling smith and
adventurer.  He came back to his home after twenty years, and discovered
that his parents had died of plague.  He later opened a weapons shop
called The Grand Slash Bomber, dedicated to selling the most well-crafted
weapons in Montfort.  He was married to Linda Willet, which died at 45
in 978 after bringing to the world two sons, Lance and Xavier.  Vincent
died during a robbery, while still holding his broadsword through his
murderer's neck.  He was respected throughout Montfort for his knowledge
and skill, as well as his wisdom.  Lance is now owner of the shop, Xavier
having left the Trueblade household after his father's death.  His
whereabouts are still unknown.  Laura Willet's body was returned to her
home town for a family burial.
        Vincent had named the shop "The Grand Slash Bomber" after his most
powerful Ki Fighting Technique, the Trueblades coming from a long lines of
Ki Benders.  Lance was unale to achieve the GSB, and thus renamed the shop
after _his_ most powerful move, "The Lightning Strike".  Still today the
shop booms with business, the centerpoint for most weapon collectionners,
and adventurers looking for a change.