The government of the city of Montfort, where The Dragons-Inn
is located is a Barony.  The Baron, Roger Benton, Lord of
Carnarvon, resides in a small castle not far from the
city.  The Baron is an older man, in his fifties, and has
extensive holdings of land in the area.  To a large extent,
he lets the various towns govern themselves.  The tax rate
is moderate to low, reflecting the largely unassuming 
lifestyle of the Baron.  The Baron's sons, both knights,
are away on quests.
A variety of churches are in the area;  in general, the 
churches represent good deities.  While religious freedom
is extensive, evil religions tend toward violations of
civil and criminal laws.  Human sacrifice is not allowed!
The churches, in addition to their role in religious life,
are also the center of charitable work within the community.
Each town has a mayor, a local citizen of wealth and
emminence.  Additionally, the mayors have a city counsel,
made up of leaders of the guilds, church leaders, captain
of the guard, and some of the leading citizens.
 City/Town            Mayor
Additionally, each town has a civil court.  The judges are
appointed by the Lord of Carnarvon, and can be relieved of
duty by the Baron.  The right to trial by jury is an important
right, and is respected by all.  The courts operate on a similar
basis to English Common Law.
The Baron serves his Leige, King Duart.  The affairs of the
Kingdom are not well known in a small backwater such as
Montfort, but it is rumored that King Duart is much like
the Baron.
There are two orders of knighthood in the kingdom;  the
Order of the Red Rosette, with three grades:  Knight,
Knight-Commander, and Knight, Grand Commander.  In general,
the rank of Knight Grand Commander is available only to
nobility.  This order is secular, hence is not part of
an organized religious sect, and is in service to the King.
The second order is The Order of St. Michael, also in
service to the King, and with the same ranks as the 
Order of the Red Rosette.  The Order of St. Michael
is religious in nature, and is oriented toward the
powers of light and good.