Royal Currency
of the
Kingdom of Claremont

as promulgated by
The Chairman of the Federal Reserve System
Alfwine Greenbridge
  Denomination Metal Amount US$
  Grand Crown Royal Starling 10 gm $1600 $80000
  Sovereign Starling 5 gm $800 $40000
  Crown Gold 50 gm $400 $20000
  Dragon Gold 25 gm $100 $5000
  Imperial Gold 6 gm $20 $1000
  Domain Gold/Silver Alloy 25 gm $10 $500
  Eagle Silver 25 gm $5 $250
  Sparrow Silver 6 gm $1 $50
  Penny Copper 5 gm $0.1 $5
  Farthing Zinc 5 gm $0.01 $0.50
  Mite Iron/Ceramic 5 gm $0.001 $0.05

Starling (Platinum) is the most precious metal on Ifreann because it is used as a consumable in the casting of many of the more potent, powerful magics by Ifrann's magic-users. Since wizards, sorcerors and mages are always seeking it, and it is consumed in its use in the casting of spells, it has become *much* more valuable than gold. King Duarte II has issued a royal decree which states that it is against the law to use minted coins in spellcasting. Irregardless of this decree, Starling coins keep disappearing from the economic system, and the royal mint is hard pressed to keep the supply of the higher end coinage at appropriate levels.

The prices on Ifreann, while broadly incommensuarable with 20th century western prices, are generally one fiftieth (1/50) of typical modern costs. Thus, a stay at a good hotel might cost between $50-$150 in modern times...this would equate to 3 silver sparrows on Ifreann.

A working man's lunch...a burger, fries, and a drink... might cost $5 in modern terms. A meat pie on Ifreann... or a bowl of good stew with some bread...could be had for a copper penny.

Highly paid professionals (and there aren't many of those) might get paid as much as an Imperial per week. A skilled workman would be more likely to a Domain weekly; a maid-of-all work or a farmhand would be fortunate to receive a Sparrow weekly, along with room and board.

And, barter is more common than in 20th century western culture. It is not unusual to exchange a portion of grain for milling services, or a chicken for a bit of work at the Smithy's. The primary users of coins are nobles, merchants, and adventurers. For the ordinary folk, gold coins are the stuff of fancy....

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