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This web page is dedicated to the support of the writers of the
alt.dragons-inn newsgroup. The alt.dragons-inn newsgroup is a
place where writers of the fantasy genre get together and write a
story (thread) in the setting of a fantasy world known as Ifreann.

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About The Dragon's Inn Itself
  ball Meet the Staff of the Inn Hugh, Judy, Sera, Fawn, et al.
  ball The Beginnings of the Inn Historical Details
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logo The City of Montfort and Local Areas
  ball Details on Montfort

The City of Montfort

  ball An ASCII Map of The City of Montfort Map of Montfort
  ball An ASCII Map of the Local Montfort Area Local Map (ASCII)
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ball The Church of the Holy Redeemer

  ball Griff Field: Montfort's Cemetery (spooky!) Read Tombstones
  ball Local Government and Officials Government


logo The Rest of Ifreann
  ball The Elven Kingdom of Tynntangial Elves!
  The Empire of Karrantine Under Construction
  The Kingdom of Claremont Under Construction
  Far Journeys Journey
  Kingdom of Ingraham Ingraham
  Other Places of Interest Other Places
  An ASCII Map of the Areas Surrounding Montfort Area Map (ASCII)
  A GIF Map of the Areas Surrounding Montfort Area Map (GIF)
  An ASCII Map of the Greater Encompassing Area Large Map (ASCII)
  A GIF Map of the Greater Encompassing Area Large Map (GIF)
  A JPG Map of the Politi Homeland (500K+) Politi Map (JPG)
  A GIF Map of the World of Ifreann Ifreann (GIF)
  A GIF of the Planet Ifreann Ifreann (GIF)
  A  MAP GIF of the Planet Ifreann Ifreann Map
  A GIF Chart of the Bellatrix System System (GIF)
  The Planet Ifreann, whirling against the stars Globe (Large)

Miscellaneous Information
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  Songs, Ballads, Prose, Poetry & Haiku Conservatory
  The [Dark] Thread Information Page The Dark!
  The [DB] Thread Compendium Page Under Construction
  Monograph on Magick Abracadabra
  Myths & Legends/Ancient History Stories by the Fire
  Guilds, Orders & Schools To Belong
  People of Interest Adventurers
  A Treatise on Money and Economics $$$$$$$


And now for something completely funny (.wav format): Lord Soros Collecting Taxes


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