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Meet Hugh Rogers.

Owner and proprietor of the Dragon's Inn. A bit overweight, middle aged, and almost always in good humor. Hugh is proud of the Inn, and enjoys his work. Hugh is popular with the patrons, and is both well known and well liked in Montford. Hugh is married, and is very honest, with a strong streak of kindness. Nobody goes away from the Inn hungry, even if they don't have enough money to pay 'this week'.

Hugh was born on a small freehold farm some 80 years ago. He was the youngest, and had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Hugh always had something of an adventuring streak, and some of his fondest memories are of times when a traveler...a bard, trader, or and adventurer...would stop at the farm for shelter or perhaps a meal and bring news from far away; other towns, sometimes even the next county! And, there were the stories; of sinister robber bands, beautiful maidens, and riches to be taken by one with the courage.

Eventually, Hugh and his parents realized that Hugh just wasn't cut out to be a farmer. Bidding them and his childhood sweetheart goodbye, Hugh left with a merchant who had stopped several times before. Hugh learned something of trade, and the world at large over the next year, but his heart still called out for real adventure; and so, Hugh saved his pay diligently until he could purchase a sword! Eventually, Hugh met a band of adventurers and joined their cause. The years passed quickly, and the lad of 16 had grown to an experienced man of 21. Unlike so many of his associates, Hugh had carefully saved some of his money; he had a good sword now, good armor, and a strong, fast warhorse.

He returned to the farm, and found his parents somewhat cold to his new profession, for they believed in a peaceful life of tilling the soil rather than the path their youngest son had chosen. And, with his brothers not particularly wanting to see the farm subdivided, it soon became the consensus that Hugh would soon depart. Before leaving, he visited with Judy, his first and only love. She had spurned all other suitors, much to her parents dismay, for they feared she would become a childless old maid. Still, they felt much as Hugh's parents did, and forbade their daughter to see more of him.

That night, Hugh used some of his skills to tap on Judy's window; and she came to him, and they embraced long in the dim light of the moon and stars. Hugh and Judy then left, eloping before the dawn. As Bellatrix rose to it's noontime position, they arrived at the tiny village of Montfort...for 59 years ago, Montfort was small indeed. They found a priest, and took their marriage vows; and they promised to not be parted again.

Events, however, were to force them to break their promise to themselves; Hugh's skills were not in local demand, and he could not bring himself to put Judy into danger. So, for nearly 20 years, the two were often apart; yet the joy of their reunions always offset the goodbyes that seemed always to follow. Hugh continued to save his money, and learned much of the world and it's peoples. He traveled far to the west, to Tynntangial; and to Dragon's Isle in the east.

In time, Hugh had accumulated enough money to grasp his dream; an Inn! It would be a cheerful place, a place where adventurers might gather in friendship. In truth, Hugh still loved a good tale; and, though he was beginning to feel his years, and the morning chill sometimes left him stiff, adventuring was in his blood!

Soon after opening the Dragon's Inn, a young woman who had lost her parents to plague asked Hugh and Judy for a job. Sera turned out to be an excellent worker who got along well with the customers, and enjoyed the adventuring crowd every bit as much as Hugh did.

The Inn had been in business for 2 years when a wizard named Nezyl Wizmast came by. Nezyl was a most delightful guest, and Hugh looked forward to his visits. One evening, after the Inn had closed, Hugh, Judy, Sera, and Nezyl were sitting at a table, sharing a bottle of wine. Truth be told, they had all had a bit more drink than was good for them; and Nezyl decided to demonstrate one of his spells. He cast it, and everyone felt a bit strange, but forgot about it.

As years passed, Hugh's parents, brothers and sisters succumbed to age; yet Hugh never aged. For that matter, neither did Judy or Sera. Nezyl and Hugh discussed the matter often; Nezyl was never sure just which spell he had intended to use, much less how it had actually come out.

Hugh sometimes wonders how the spell will finally work out...will it suddenly end, killing him instantly? Will he live for centuries? Will he start aging at a normal rate someday? However, no one has ever been able to tell for sure, so Hugh has decided to simply enjoy the years as they come. Hugh looks about he has for the past 40 years.

For the present, the Inn is quite successful, but Hugh and Judy never have become wealthy; they have too great a tendency to give a meal or a drink to out of luck adventurers, and take in strays of various species from time to time! Hugh and Judy remain close, and Hugh enjoys every day fully....



Meet Sera DuMont

The cheerful (but at times overworked!) barmaid; goodhearted, and she does her best to make everyone who comes to the Inn feel welcome.

Sera was born 61 years ago (though she still looks 21!) in the tiny village that used to be Montfort. Ifreann has had a number of plagues in it's history, and one of them swept through the area when Sera was just 14. She lost her entire family, and was left alone to make her way in the world.

Her father had been a skilled cabinet maker, but Sera had no particular skills; then as now, there were too many orphans and too few resources to support them. Sera became a 'maid of all work' for a merchant, scrubbing dishes with soda until her hands were red, and routinely working 16 hours a day, seven days a week. Eventually, she found another family that treated her somewhat better; still, the work was hard and long, and the pay little more than room and board.

When the Dragon's Inn opened, Sera approached Judy about a job, and was hired. She proved to be a good worker, and somehow had held onto a basically happy, friendly nature over the years. Soon, Sera was for all practical purposes a part of the family.

She became involved in the same spell cast by Nezyl as did Judy and Hugh, so Sera continues to look 21 despite the passage of years. She enjoys the Inn and it's customers, and, though she sometimes thinks of romance, she's happy with her life as it is...



Meet Fawn

The newest addition to the inn is Fawn. Fawn helps out as needed at the inn, and has caused some commotion among the staff. You see, Fawn is a ghost. She haunts the inn due to her portrait hanging behind the bar. She is wise beyond her seeming years (she looks to be in her early twenties, but has actually been around since her murder, nearly a thousand years ago.) She has many strange and mysterious powers, seems to know what people are thinking, and comes and goes as she pleases. When she is not around, patrons of the inn have remarked at how strange her portrait makes them feel, and how the eyes seem to follow their every movement. Unless the customer is a regular, most do not realize Fawn is a ghost until she does one of her 'spooky' tricks.

Not much is known of Fawn's past life. Through snippets she has let slip, and the quality of the portrait itself, it can be pieced together that she was a member of a royal household. She was murdered after the ransom for her kidnapping was paid. She either cannot remember or refuses to discuss her former family (some think it was another family member, an uncle or cousin, that perpetrated the kidnapping and murder). Fawn doesn't know why she has come to haunt her portrait (and subsequently anyplace it hangs). Nor does she know why or who sent the portrait to Hugh.

Fawn (like the wards of the inn) is very protective of her new home, and any who threaten or start a fight in her home soon learn to regret it. Any perpetrator had better hope the wards of the inn get them before Fawn does (she can become *_very_* scary!).

Otherwise, she is cheerful and understanding. She seems to take great joy out of bringing folks together. She also has a propensity towards elves, (especially grey elves), and things elvish, which has something to do with her mysterious past.



Meet Judy Rogers

Judy keeps the books and watches the help at the inn. She is not seen as much, but cares very much about the happenings at the inn.

Judy was born 79 years ago, on a farm adjoining the Rogers' farm. One of three children, she was the eldest and had two younger brothers.

She always thought that Hugh was the one for her, from an early age. Somehow, there was never a question that the two of them would be married.

As a child, Judy showed considerable intelligence; but she didn't much care for the routine of farm life. Sewing, cooking, and such didn't appeal to her very much, but she dearly loved books. A priest in the area taught her how to read, and she could occassionally borrow a book or manuscript, but her family didn't particularly care for the tendency.

After Hugh left for the adventuring life, Judy was faced with considerable pressure to get married. First of all, there was the expense of keeping a daughter at home; secondly, it wasn't normal to remain unmarried. Still, she resisted, because she knew Hugh would return someday.

After eloping, her family all but disowned her. They never did provide the dowery that was the custom of the time. Still, Judy had a chance to read and learn, and the priest who had wed her to Hugh taught her arithmetic, some history, and simple bookkeeping. Judy missed Hugh terribly, but while Hugh was good at making and even saving money, Judy knew how to invest it. She was able to take the modest nest-egg and grow it to a respectable sum.

Hugh runs the Inn in many ways, but it is Judy who sees to it that the accounts balance, and sees to it that the Inn operates on a sound basis. While every bit as kind hearted as her husband, she is a good business-woman; she does most of her work behind the scenes, generally getting Hugh to do what needs to be done while making him believe it's his idea!

Judy has stayed at the same age for quite some time, just like her husband, and she too wonders if and when the spell will come to an end; still, her life is full and happy, and she enjoys sitting down with a book and a cup of warm milk at the close of a busy day. Both Hugh and Judy regret having never had children; however, they take in the occassional orphan, youth, or down on their luck adventurer. There are quite a number of the common folk of Montfort who owe debts of gratitude to Hugh and Judy...


Meet Klawson

Klawson Klawson, a human-sized cat, has come to the Inn very recently. Being somehwat of a blue-grey color, he has green eyes and a quiff of blue hair that often falls over one side of his feline features. He is often dressed in simple clothes, mostly sleeveless. He has a three foot long tail and his face and legs are mostly feline, thus he walks on his toes. His conversation skills are hampered a little by his habit of constantly rolling his r's.

Coming from a group of villages very deep to the south of Montfort, he wandered to this city over the past years. When he arrived at the Dragon's Inn, he was extremely tired and weak, and Hugh offered him a place to spend the night. Klawson, being extremely grateful, asked to work at the inn to repay Hugh for his generosity. He has not left since.

His mother was a human woman who had spurned a love-crazed sorcerer. The latter, in pure rage at being turned down, used all of his power to curse her with the "curse of all curses". She became pregnant overnight, and a few hours later, Klawson was born. The villagers, under the influence of the sorcerer, burned her to the stake on the accounts of dealing with demons, and bringing one into the world. Klawson ran away before he was captured by the town folks, and came upon a monastery. He lived there for five years, and wandered off afterwards.

The sorcerer's curse's full power soon became known to Klawson, as everyone he met, or even glimpsed, turned away or snubbed him. The curse not only gave him a feline's body, it gave him an aura of contempt that affected all that were near him. Even the most trusting of people crossed to the other side of the street when he came near. It was because Hugh had shown the first signs of generosity toward him that Klawson was so grateful.

The sorcerer soon died, along with everyone in Klawson's home village. It seemed the magic-user was more cruel than the devil himself, for he intended the feline to suffer from ultimate racism *forever*. Today, Klawson has lived one human lifetime, and still seems in his twenties. Perhaps he will live for nine lifetimes, as the common belief states about cats, perhaps not. But as long as he stays in the Inn, the protective spells seem to negate his curse...The contempt part, at least.

As for him, Klawson enjoys working at the Inn, as he got used to people actually listening to him. He leads a simple life, full of stories, tales, and the odd ballad from the wandering bard. He can be found in the common room, either chatting with a customer, cleaning a mug with his ever- present towel, or sleeping calmly on his favorite chair near the fire...



Meet Maeve

At first glance Maeve may seem to be incredibly boring, and, in many ways, she is. A woman of infinite practicality, she believes that work is the most important thing a person can do. She does not drink, smoke, or swear, and disapproves of parties, considering them to be "frivolous wastes of time". As a matter of fact, she disapproves of anything that even smacks of frivolty, however lightly. Much of her behavior can be ascribed to her past, which she has kept *_extremely_* secretive.

Maeve was born thirty two years ago in the feudal kingdom of Ertiou in the town of Yeruio to the Lord Terren and Lady Eugenia. When she was sixteen, she married the man whom she had been betrothed since she was two--Sir Roderick of the port city of Ubunde. It, like most marriages in that section of the land, was an arranged one, designed to benefit the families. Maeve didn't mind marrying him. He was incredibly wealthy and, as her logic of that time went, at least it was better than marrying "some no good filthy rotten peasant commoner!"

The years passed, and the Lady Maeve of Ubunde lived her happy, wealthy life. She had scores of parties, and every day was a cause for celebration. Yet she neared old age, and her thirtieth birthday was fast approaching. It was customary for Ladies of Class in Ertiou to begin to settle down as they reached their mid-twenties, having children and all that. Not only did Maeve continue to party, she was without children.

One day, a gala was being held on the eve of Maeve's thirtieth birthday. It was the finest party she'd had, ever, and it was going to be her final one. After all, she was reaching the age where such things would be considered improper. She was dressed in her finest gown, a white silk affair with yards of material and golden threads and shoes of satin and gold filagree with heels. She looked beautiful and, some in the room said, quite improper.

Tragedy struck that night. Tragedy in the form of an earthquake. An extremely powerful earthquake. By some sort of miracle, Maeve escaped unscathed save some Plaster of Paris falling onto her. However, nearly the entire city was destroyed and the all else at the party, including her dear husband Sir Roderick, perished.

Maeve could not stand the death of her husband--the destruction of her city. It was too much to bear. Why was she left alive? Maeve began feeling incredible, illogical guilt. Perhaps if she hadn't been so frivolous, this wouldn't have happened. She also became sort of cynical. Parties were foolish. She now had nothing...if she had worked perhaps this wouldn't have happened. Unable to stay in Ubunde, Maeve left the city, wearing the simplest dress she could find and carrying a pack with only the necessities of life. The past was gone, there was nothing she could do about it--save act differently in the future. Because of a ten second earthquake, her personality changed totally.

Maeve traveled Iffrean until she came upon Montfort. She found a job at the Dragon's Inn, and she still works there. Her job consists mainly of behind-the-scenes work, but she can be seen in the common room busing tables and will go out in the city to buy certain supplies for the inn. Maeve has been accused of being cold-hearted, but she isn't. She is just as warm-hearted as anybody else, but she is not as open with that as most of the others.

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