One of the best things that were created are role-playing games. Whether video games or tabletop games, RPGs reinvented entertainment and storytelling. Role-playing is about telling a story and living it as another character, in another universe. You can select both the universe and the characters, depending on the game master and the rules.

My name is Emma, and I love role-playing games, and frequently play them with my friends. However, over the years, I have noticed that not many girls play role-playing games, even though most of them would love to. 

This is one of the reasons that I started my blog, to show everyone how great and imaginative role-playing games can be, a welcoming sanctuary for all types of people.

The other reason is that role-playing games are simply great and that they are worth the time and effort. Stay with me if you want to learn more about RPGs, whether tabletop, video games, or anything else in the genre.